It is a Beautiful Country with the world class beaches and tropical climate. Its capital city is Manila. The country has a breathtaking beauty of nature and has mixture of different cultures and communities.Filipinos ‘ love fast food, film and music. Fast food outlets are found on many street corners. American global fast food chain stalwarts have entered the market.

Philippines is known for one of best medical education in world. Every year thousands of student· graduates doing MD(Doctor of medicine , Equivalent to MBBS ) from Philippines, this is ascertained from the fact that every one doctor out of ten in USA has graduated from philippnes.

95% of the Philippines people speak English so you will not have a language problem. For all the medical universities and colleges in Philippines, the medium of instruction is English only, so students don’t Face communication problems in campus or outside it in daily affairs.

There is a US pattern and method of teaching in all universities in Philippines. There is enhancement of clinical skills and lectures with problem based learning. New Teaching techniques deployed ensure that the students are exposed to research projects ensuring them to develop skills.

The undergraduate [ program in medicine is BS Biology MD Doctor of Medicine ] which is equivalent to MBBS in india.

In Philippines (as per US pattern) MD(Doctor of medicine) is done after BS(Bachelor of science)  Countries which are having 10+2 pattern, their students can take admission in BS-MD course. Generally· BS is of One Year to One and a Half Year Degree Course. Where MD is of Four Years Course.

For undergraduate program (BS-MD) 50% marks needed in class twelve (10+2) with Physics, Chemistry and Biology, NEET Qualified for Indian Students.

Students below 50% in (10+2) & Not Qualified in NEET are not eligible to do the medicine program.

The degree is recognized as equal to MBBS by the MEDICAL COUNCIL OF INDIA (MCI). For verification , one can check Website of Indian Embassy in Philippines.

MD courses in Philippines are recognized by World Health Organization (WHO), Medical Council of india (MCI). They are listed in Educational Commission of Foreign medical Graduate (ECFMG) and international Medical Education Directory(IMED).It is always better to check with Indian Embassy in Philippines website.

The basic documents needed for admission are copies of class (10+2) Marksheet, Birth Certificate Proof and Passport all Original.

NO, there is no such policy of such kind for medical students. The medical students are only allowed to focus on their studies entirely.

There are uniforms for all the medical universities. Every university has a separate dress code keeping in mind that the image of the physician to be should be very professional

The universities help in accommodating students inside the Campus . There are separate accommodations for Girls & Boys.

Philippines is the best place in medical education for girls. It is a female dominated society there where you would find females working in all working places , more than 60% of population is of females there .Thus Philippines is the safest bet for girls.

All variety of foods is available there including vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian food. You will· find both North and South Indian food.

Philippines is a affordable place as per Indian standards. The cost of living for the students is not high there. The total fee involved of the MD course is much cheaper than it is India. Generally Speaking , maximum Rs. 32-35 Lacks will be required for 5 years, which includes Tuition Fee, Hotel and Mess Expenditures, Dress, Books, Tool Kits, VISA fee, Local transportation, International Air fares (3-5 times) etc..,

Studying medicine in Philippines is much cheaper than in india and equivalent to MBBS in india. The most important factor is there is no donation involved in studying medicine there.

After obtaining the degree, it is mandatory for the students who have studied in Philippines or abroad for that matter, to pass the examination conducted by Medical Council Of India (MCI) to practice freely in India. It is the norms as laid down by MCI.

The Currency of Philippines is called “Peso”. The money can be kept in cash or traveler’s checks initially. Later the Students can have all kind of bank transactions by opening bank account. The debit & credit cards are accepted by major hotels , restaurants and stores. One can find ATM almost everywhere.

Students do get a vacation, every university has a individual time table set for that, students can at that time visit home.