Directors Message

I am delighted that you are considering St. Paul University Philippines – School of Medicine. We are looking forward to meet you and your family as you begin the quest of finding the right university for your child. In the current challenging times, it is essential that children should not only excel in academies but should also develop courtesy, discipline, smart personality, social sensitivity and be imbibed with the values and culture.
A Commitment to the practice of medicine in its highest form is a lifelong commitment to humanity. While life as a Physician is intellectually challenging, you will know its greatest rewards: the depth of human understanding and emotional satisfaction in heart.
St. Paul University is Asia’s first missionary University, operated by the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres in the Philippines. SPUP is dedicated to training future physicians to the world. Successful pursuit of the MD (Doctor of Medicine) requires intelligence, passion for science and medicine and stamina. The long-term return on your commitment is unlimited. Your efforts will place you at the forefront of the practice of medicine. MD (Doctor of Medicine) program at St. Paul University has mirrored many student’s growth, success and developed them into future doctors.
SPUP prepares students to cultivate the kinds of doctor-patient-family relationships that foster mutual trust and respect. SPUP provide a dynamic friendly environment for your success. You will achieve tremendous personal growth that will prepare you for whatever setting you choose: academic or private, you will become prepared to teach and inspire others to become Physician. The overall goal of our university is to help you become the best Physician that you can be and for you to aim higher. I invite your application to enter an exciting and substantive career as a Physician.
Thank you for looking into the MD (Doctor of Medicine) program at St. Paul University Philippine – School of Medicine. It is a privilege to tell you about our exceptional university and we firmly believe that this institution is ideally suitable to meet your challenges.