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Caritas Veritas Scientia
(Love Truth
Knowledge, Latin)


St. Paul University Philippines Provides Quality, Catholic Paulinian Education in a Caring Environment


Saint Paul University Philippines,


The School of Medicine, St.Paul University is a young pillar of St.Paul University opened in 2012. It offers only one course – Doctor of Medicine for a span of five years and four months full-time education. Well Qualified professors follow a combination of problem-based learning and traditional learning that prepare the
young students for graduate learning thereby leading to a successful career as medical professionals in Philippines and across the world.

St.Paul University is a Christ-centered service institution known for developing competent and committed medical graduates who stand up to the present medical industry demand thereby turn to well established medical professionals of a better tomorrow.



“Caritas Veritas Scientia (Love Truth Knowledge, Latin)”

Caritas is action born of faith and of a deep love of God and neighbor. It is compassionate, caring, warmth, hospitality, being “all to all” which marks the Paulinian and witness of life impacts. Like the Sisters of Saint Paul of Chartres whose life motto is Caritas Christi Urget Nos, the Paulinian is motivated by love especially for the underprivileged.

Veritas, is an epitome of morality, values and social concern, the striving for truth and justice, peace and unity and the higher gifts of the Spirit. It is entrenched by the legacy left by the founder of the Sisters of Saint Paul of Chartres, Father Louis Chauvet, who said, “I have no greater blessing than to see my daughters walk in the truth.” It is an improved quality of life rooted in Christ and the Paulinian zeal to build communities of authentic disciples.

Scientia, is authentic scholarship, systematic and disciplined effort to teach and learn so that the gifts or “charisms” of the Paulinian may be fully developed to make him a competent servant leader of the Church and country.

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The total duration of the MD course is five years and four months.


SPUP Regional Admissions office provides the interested and qualified applicants


There are two intakes: August/September and January/February.

Why Saint Paul University?

  • One of the Best Green Campus in the Philippines. Awarded Most Environment-Friendly and Sustainable
    school in Region II by Environment Management Bureau.
  • One of the Best Medical Universities in Philippines.
  • First ISO 9001 certified private university and catholic university in Asia.
    Globally recognized institution.
  • University has its own teaching hospital and linked up government hospitals for best Clinical rotations
    & exposure.
  • Excellent Hands on practice on final year of medical education.



St. Paul University School of Medicine will achieve excellence in Medical Education through the conception, application, and dissemination of new knowledge in the biomedical sciences and medicine grounded on a humanistic-caring based approach. This will be realized through international leadership in biomedical research, development of new therapies, and delivery of human and altruistic health care services through state—of-the-art medical care and innovative biomedical education.


Grounded on the Gospel of Christ, SPUP’s School of Medicine seeks to promote health through biomedical education characteristic of international leadership, biomedical research, development of new therapies, community service and altruistic health care services through innovative strategies and state-of-the-art facilities. St. Paul University School of Medicine is committed to the educational, intellectual, professional, and personal development of a diverse group of students and faculty who are deeply faithful to the study and to the practice of medicine founded on a humanistic-caring philosophy, to biomedical research, and to the health of the public.